If You Don’t Manage Time, It Will Pass You By.

For many of us, 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough to get things done.


Many would think having some time off, to do nothing is a luxury in this era of fast-paced living. Something that a lot of us strive for but surprisingly hard to gain. Some family person with a 9-5 obviously could complain about not having enough free time. But apparently, this trait is also very common among teens and young adults alike.

But the real question is why do you need that extra time for?

Now it is true that some people do need extra time for things that are justifiable. Maybe some need it so they can spend more time with their family, others to spend on their hobbies or to learn how to play a musical instrument etc. and worse, some need extra time to earn more money to make both ends meet.

Luckily, the latter case doesn’t apply to us, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. If you’re reading this, I assume you do have time, a lot more than you realize.

As a matter of fact, not having enough time was my number 1 excuse throughout my time in University. I used to be a master complainer about not having enough time in regards to almost every aspect of my life. I would cancel out on all the weekend plans that my friends suggested.

I did manage to get the extra time but I also wasted a lot of it in the process by instantly gratifying myself with the use of social media apps and binge watching shows. In fact, I know many of my peers who save time by not going out and staying in but ultimately end up not valuing that time and just letting it pass by.

Time management skill is a very underrated skill among average performers. Everybody talks about its importance but only a few practice it. I started to deploy time management tactics when I was frustrated in Uni for having applied to too many national exams but had too little time for the preparation.

Now there could be many reasons why some people never get enough time. For me, it was mainly because I was trying to study for multiple exams (all with different syllabus) at the same time. So it felt like I never had enough time to study. But there are so many reasons why different people struggle with having enough time. Here are 10 reasons why some of us feel like we never have enough time. To solve the problem of having insufficient time, it only makes sense that we find the reason what causes it.

How I Got my Extra Time

Planning my daily schedule was a game changer. At first, it was just like a basic To Do list with the allotted time and then slowly it became more organized and well-defined. Now I know exactly how and where I spend my time. And when I have enough extra time I use that to carry out the prioritized work in my schedule instead of just letting it (time) pass by unmonitored.

Almost all people who I have met who are not average performers are very efficient in time management and they all keep an active planner.

So if you’re someone who always struggles with not having enough time, for starters, I recommended tracking how you spend your day. Lucky to be alive in the digital age, you can even download organizers and daily planner online for free.

And if you are successful at that, I assure you, you will definitely find ways to detect habit’s or actions that are insignificant and without which you could do just fine in your life, even better if you use that time to do things that mattered more to you. If you honestly don’t care how you spend your time because you think in the end we’re all going to die anyway, meaning you have a rather bleak outlook on life, then well, I do hope you skimmed super fast till this part.

And for the rest of my readers, when you do manage to squeeze some time out of your schedule (assuming that’s what you want), remember to ask yourself—

Why do I need the extra time for?

and then match your actions accordingly.